Daily gratitude lists

as per the suggestion of the telephone buddha and my Favorite Person!


02/10: mandarines, A dear friend being amazing and my friend, warm blankets, colorful clothes, another friend, the telephone buddha, coffee, two more dear people, my Favorite Person standing on my feet like a penguin, Alan Watts youtube lectures, pens and paper!, my internet nerds, German class, words to tell stories with, my health and youth, libraries

02/11: friendly strangers, the capacity everyone has for change, adventures I had with a certain Mongolian national, music by Shlohmo, a friend going for a walk with me, shy ladies smiling, my room here on campus, science, heaters, colorful clothing, this journal that a friend gave me, my Favorite Person for being the wonderful person that he is, my German professor, diversity, Alan Watts, two dear friends, another dear friend, bass!!!, my black hat, anarchists, pretty underwear, Senegal, a friend’s smile and sense of fashion, well-designed things, poorly-designed things, pens, having been taught to read and write, not having to worry about food, my parents’ having made me, my mother, a friend being such an awesome friend, Indian spices, books, talking to a friend today, flushing toilets, warm showers, beautiful people, running water, nice-smelling lotion, my health, dancing, activism, electricity, the human condition, dreams, fears, emotions, logic, the rationality of emotions, corrective lenses, movies, wine, glass, the feeling of touching smooth glass, plants!

02/12: a friend being a friend, excellent films, thought-provoking film and text, sleep, vision, the free and unlimited internet access I enjoy, free movies, my excellent health, free and instant communication, having been born free, being a part of this amazing, huge and beautiful universe, physics, math, the intersection of math and art, getting to know myself through connecting to others, the German language, caffeinated beverages, baby animals, music, the feeling of touching someone’s skin with mine, this daily gratitude practice, nerve endings, breathing, candles and flowers in vases, stretching, anarchists, charcoal, paint, Europe, the Americas, African dance, African food, African people, touchscreens, intelligent robots, dental hygiene, art blogs


One response to “Daily gratitude lists

  1. I’ve tried to email you since I took a break from facebook and didn’t want to drop off without warning. I actually tried to add you to “google plus,” who knows if that worked. Email me when you get a chance and update me if you have a new address!


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