God named universe

Universe didn’t know its name. It expanded symmetrically until it didn’t any more, and pieces of its organs began to annihilate other pieces at unequal rates. Universe didn’t feel any pain at all.

The child of universe, called universe, was much cooler than its parent in most places, and slower too. The child also didn’t know it was called universe.

Universe begat universe, and so on, until there was a child of universe (also called universe) with fragile living things deep inside its womb. The life began as one, and then divided, and then again. :(){ :|:& };:

“Hast du bitte ein Euro für mich für ‘nen Ticket?” A young man asked a young woman as the complex system of muscular tissue, skin and other organic things received electric signals from her central nervous system to push her entire bodily mass up the ugly grey train station stairs. The man had interrupted her thoughts, a parallel electrical signaling process going on, a whirwhizzbangblur of molecules dancing in her head. “Nee, hab’ ich nicht.” The man wasted no further time speaking to her, and as he retreated she emerged onto the platform.

Many thousands of generations of universes later, one child of universe felt the pain of cognitive dissonance. “Ouch!” said universe. Particles of itself were at odds with one another; some deliberately self-destructed. And universe was aware of its username.  It was the consciousness of these war-particles as much as it was the oxygen that they pulled into their lungs, and the vicious cold of all the infinite vastness outside the atmosphere in which they lived.

The young woman focused her thoughts on the man who had just asked her for money on the stairs. He was a junkie, almost certainly, and junkies really creeped her out. He wouldn’t use the money for a ticket.

She thought about drugs, money in particular. She thought about who decided which resources were suitable for whom. She thought about the nature of human beings. Suddenly she became illuminated, and even though her train would arrive in 2 minutes, she sprinted after the man with a 2 euro coin in her hand.

The junkie was all the way at the end of the Hauptbahnhof by now, with another young man. The look of astonishment on their faces froze the moment for her, a kind of eternity on demand she could refer to at different points within her light-cone diagram life. “Danke!” She ran away, caught the train just as the blinking circular light on the door changed from red to green and thought about the God that had just happened.

“Ahhhh,” sighed the child of universe called universe, “Ommm.”

Here’s a fact: all of these generations of universe are existing right here and now. Here’s another fact: actually none of them exist at all!

And so it goes 😉



Heute morgen hab’ ich mega viel geschlafen, und auch viel geträumt. Ich habe vom komischen Typ geträumt, den ich im Park vorgestern gesehen hab’. Wir haben uns angesprochen und der war sehr höflich zu mir. Der hat  mir gesagt, dass ich ihn mit Abscheu angeguckt habe, was eigentlich die Wahrheit war. Aber dann auf einmal ist er sauer geworden und hat mir gesagt, dass ich ihn nicht anfassen sollte und dass er wollte, dass ich weg gehen würde.

Dann erblickte ich ihn und ihm gesagt hab’, “Oh, du bist genau wie ich, weil ich das auch tue!”

Und ein Paar andere Träume hatte ich auch. Und als ich aufgestanden bin, es ist mir klar geworden, dass wir alle schizophren sind während wir träumen. Auch wach, sind wir’s irgendwie auch, insofern als wir nehmen uns als verschiedene Menschen wahr, und nicht als Teilen eines einziges Organismus.



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